Monday, June 16, 2014

this summer time

have a glance at this picture, see how beautifully it blooms
The winter desert has bidden adieu, welcoming the summer rain. In this summer time, a field covered in green grass, the flowering peach trees, adorning the winter wither scenery into the blooming one. Together with returning of the summer it brings a smile on the face of far-flung farmers who are completely depends on agriculture. But, today by this summer afternoon, has made my mood gloomy like the cloudy weather in the out. Not only me, may be someone from somewhere at the corner may be feeling gloomy. I do not know who but someone unknown or unseen as all the beings in this world have a seed of Buddha’s mind. I thought a reason for feeling sad deeply inside me may be because of the outer weather.
In time, one of my friends came to me. Looking at her eyes I knew she was feeling drowsy too. She asked me to go with her at Canteen for a tea. I agreed immediately as I too was badly in need of a cup of tea that could draw my attention from the sadness. More than half an hour we spared our time for tea and there we had an informative talk. Our talk was nothing especial than of a movement of life.

After having a cup of tea we were again diverted to our work. In repose, I leaned back in my armchair, giving a though of what my friend has just shared with me a moment ago. “Are you happy”, she asked. To this question, I simply answered “my mind fluctuates with the situations”, which means my answer clearly proves that I fail to be the custodian of my own mind although I should be.  There are all kinds of thoughts running through my mind like seasonal varies, and wondering why I’m failure in subduing those unwanted thoughts and why I’m unable to think meaningful thoughts. Time and again I reiterate the same questions and I could not squish as I fall to commit the same mistakes.

I looked out through the window which gives me a way to have a glimpse at outside. Seeing rushing vehicles and people who were strolling along the road, it flashback me of the time when I was, with perspiration, stroll around the capital, in search of a job. Amongst those walking people, there must be as many as students who are seeking for a job, weighing down by tension, thinking they may not get even shortlisted, despite, being recruited. How terrible state of mind that must be, having no host who would offer a cup of tea in depressing situation. This thought of mine has abate my current sadness. Whether, we are in sadness or happiness, I think it is the best remedies to recollect of other's suffer that you have witnessed and do away with your present dingy thoughts. 

The above mention words may not find base on rational. I just wrote this especially to keep myself engage in writing something that would abate the emotion boils inside me. None of the souls have put me into the realm where I would be sad and droop. Life I have learned through experience and the people, whom I have encountered with, have taught me in many ways, yet there is a lot more to be learned of life. 

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